Now You See Me

During my first international trip with Prison Fellowship International, many years ago,PFI Book_Cover_For Landing Page I visited prisoners and their children. It was eye-opening and heart-wrenching. Children of prisoners are truly the silent and overlooked victims of their parent’s crime. Not only do they live in abject poverty, but they’re overwhelmed by so much emotional pain. They’re rejected by their families and communities, isolated, ashamed, and are too afraid to seek help.

The extent of this hidden crisis in developing countries, where Prison Fellowship International does most of its work, has gone largely undocumented.

Until now.

After more than 20 years working with Prison Fellowship International and the children of prisoners, I’ve published my first book, which sheds light on the hidden crisis that impacts at least one million children of prisoners in developing countries and leaves them safety, food, education, medical care, and spiritual and emotional support.

Drawing from the data collected by International Director of the Children of Prisoners Program Adam Hutchinson and his team, and the testimonies from children and their families enrolled in the program.

I knew someone had to speak for this vulnerable population, so this book is a labor of love to give voice to these children.

In this book, you’ll meet Chenda, Dany, Kunda, Daniel, Precious, and Noelia—only six of the many children of prisoners in developing countries, who have been rescued from the horrors of neglect and isolation and restored to their families and communities. And, through Prison Fellowship International’s specialized assistance, the children and their families have a restored hope, and now know they are seen and loved, not forgotten.

Here’s what some people are already saying:

“Prepare to have your eyes opened and your heart as well.”
—Liz Curtis Higgs, best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

“You will be mesmerized by the story of how the most marginalized and endangered children are being rescued and restored by this visionary ministry.”
—Anita Renfroe, comedian

Now You See Me is a life-changing book that will be a constant, historical reference in saving the lives of children of prisoners, who—until now—were forgotten.”
—Steve Holder, president of The Fellowship Network

“I am so pleased to see the realities facing children who have a parent in prison so accurately portrayed in Now You See Me. It captures the significant risks that are attempting to derail these vulnerable lives, but provides a new and powerful hope for their future through the targeted actions of Prison Fellowship International’s dedicated and selfless child workers—they are my heroes.”
—Adam Hutchinson, Prison Fellowship International Director of the Children of Prisoners Program

Download your free copy here.


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