Mission: Impossible

A temptation for me is to keep working and pushing harder and harder to “do God’s work.” Then, regardless of how stressed I feel, I can smile when telling others how much I am trying to accomplish. The polite, public confidence says “Great to see you,” while the anxious inner voice says “If they only knew how I’m really doing.”

I want to let you inside my private world, to share something I’ve learned that has everything to do with how I want my life to be guided . . . and the kind of person I want to be when my life is done. . . . It’s impossible to keep faster, harder and longer at work—without taking time alone with God. Advancing my public ministry at the cost of abandoning my private world, if not only harmful to your health, it’s sinful, because by making ministry issues your tireless focus, you miss the mark.

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Article originally published in Christian Management Association’s Christian Management Report.


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