Now You See Me

Now You See Me: Unmasking the Hidden Crisis of the Children of Prisoners

After nearly 20 years working with children of prisoners—the invisible, innocentPFI Book_Cover_For Landing Page victims of crime—Frank Lofaro has documented this hidden crisis, which has left 1 million children without safety, food, education, medical care, and spiritual and emotional support in his book Now You See Me: Unmasking the Hidden Crisis of the Children of Prisoners.

You’ll meet Chenda, Dany, Kunda, Daniel, Precious, and Noelia—six children of prisoners in developing countries who have been rescued from the horrors of neglect and isolation, and restored to their families, communities, and the hope of a Heavenly Father. Learn how, through a network of caring supporters, volunteers, and staff, Prison Fellowship International provides specialized assistance that addresses the following five common risks among this vulnerable population:

  • loss of safety and basic needs
  • risk of victimization and depersonalization
  • loss of resilience
  • loss of relationship with incarcerated parent
  • loss of access to education

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