Thankfulness: Closer to the Heart of God


I was working in my office on the lower level of our home one day. Everyone was gone except our 11-year-old daughter Capri, who went to the garage to get her bike and then meet her friend, Maggie. But once inside the garage, Capri heard the kitchen door lock behind her. Then, the circuit breaker popped and she couldn’t open the garage door. Suddenly, she was alone in a cold, dark, windowless garage—with no way out.

Being on the far side of the house, I couldn’t hear her cries and screams for help. Four hours later, I heard the front doorbell ring. It was Maggie, wondering where Capri was. Me too! I hustled through the kitchen, opened the door, and there on the garage floor, I saw Capri curled up in a fetal position. When she saw me, she burst into tears.

“How could you leave me?” she said. Immediately, I put my arms around her, help her and apologized to her as she sobbed.

After a few moments, I pulled the rope and opened the garage door by hand. light burst through, and an interesting thing happened. In a matter of seconds, Capri jumped up, dried her eyes, grabbed her bike and rode off with Maggie, glad to be on her way. She didn’t look back. She said nothing. When you’re busy moving ahead, it’s easy to leave thankfulness in the dust. Read more>>

Article originally published in Christian Management Association’s Christian Management Report.


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